The successful resolution of your business and personal matters takes an empathetic ear and an experienced hand. It takes commitment to your unique needs and goals, and it takes resourcefulness. At Janicek Valuation & Forensic Services, PLLC, we provide focused, individualized and specialized valuation, forensic accounting, and litigation support services to clients on a full-time basis. We have the experience, resources and talent necessary to serve a diverse clientele with a wide-range of issues such as business disputes, fraud investigation, preventive accounting controls, economic damage calculations, marital disputes, and business valuations.

We are your valuation and forensic accounting firm when you:

➤ Face complex litigation and other challenging financial legal issues that will require knowledge from a specialized financial professional

➤ Need a business valuation that will stand up to scrutiny in court

➤ Need prompt and proactive investigative forensic accounting services

➤ Need to protect your business assets with solid accounting controls

➤ Need assistance to recover from damages and losses in the case of serious personal injury, divorce, and business disputes, requiring complex economic damage calculations

➤ Are an attorney looking for a dedicated forensic accountant and valuation professional to assist you in litigation and mediation processes

When you hire Janicek Valuation & Forensic Services, PLLC, you get valuation and forensic accounting professionals who are prepared with the knowledge and experience necessary to come out on top in the most challenging situations.

We have a history of proven results. From business disputes to marital dissolution cases– we have been the difference. When you need an expert, we are your valuation and forensic accounting solution!

Call us today for a free consultation!

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