Why Small Business Owners Should Use Non-Compete Agreements

Small business owners are many times reluctant to use employee non-compete agreements because they have to few employees and do not want to pay an attorney to draft the required legal documents.¬† The term non-compete agreement refers to a restrictive¬† legal document that prevents a former employee from engaging in certain business acts for a prescribed period of time in a specific geographic area. [Read more…]

Lost Profits and Lost Business Value-What is the Difference

Damage remedies¬† focus on lost profits and lost business value with such remedies calculated by financial experts. Although lost profits and lost business value are common calculations in business litigation, there are distinct differences between these two remedies. [Read more…]

Owner Disputes & Buy and Sell Agreements

Owner disputes many times involve a minority shareholder or business partner who disagrees with decisions made by a controlling owner. These disagreements can become significant and unable to be resolved without time consuming and expensive litigation. This can become a major distraction for company management and have a negative effect on business value. Often this will only be resolved by the minority shareholder or business partner leaving the company. [Read more…]