Owner Disputes & Buy and Sell Agreements

Owner disputes many times involve a minority shareholder or business partner who disagrees with decisions made by a controlling owner. These disagreements can become significant and unable to be resolved without time consuming and expensive litigation. This can become a major distraction for company management and have a negative effect on business value. Often this will only be resolved by the minority shareholder or business partner leaving the company. [Read more…]

What Valuation Considerations Should Be Made in Buy-Sell Agreements?

Values established by buy-sell agreements may be ignored, may be controlling, or be only a factor to consider in determining values. The Tax Court listed the following factors for making the buy-sell agreement price [Read more…]

What Considerations Should Be Made in Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements?

Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements requires that special consideration be given to a number of special rules that affect valuations for estate and gift tax purposes. For example, options to acquire property at less than FMV and restrictions on the right to sell property are generally disregarded [Read more…]

Planning for the Sale of Your Business

The sale of your business requires as much thought and planning as when the business was originally started. Experience has shown that a business owner who sells his business without proper planning does not have a successful sale process. Some of the key mistakes sellers make pertain to the following: [Read more…]