What Is the Difference in All the Various Valuator Credentials?

Okay, you’ve seen the professional designations such as CPA, CVA, AVA, ABV, ASA, CBA, CFFA and so on. But WHAT ARE ALL OF THESE DESIGNATIONS? Isn’t just a regular CPA all one needs in a matter of valuation or forensic accounting? The answer is: A CPA without further training, experience, credentialing and continuing education in business valuation or forensic accounting is woefully ill-prepared to tackle important issues dealing with business valuation, fraud deterrence, and litigation support. The various professional designations are EARNED by the holders. The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) has a very informative chart, which will identify and distinguish these credentials. Contact a Certified or Accredited Valuation Analyst and learn why a NACVA trained professional may be your best choice when choosing a professional.

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