The Benefit of Using a Forensic Accountant in Divorce Cases

One of the primary objectives in a divorce is the division of marital property , which includes all
assets and liabilities accumulated during a marriage. An experienced divorce attorney can help with property division however, when it comes to complicated financial assets a forensic accountant can be invaluable in assisting an attorney with a complex financial situation. [Read more…]

Misconceptions about Fraud in the Family Business

A family owned business likes to think that it is immune from fraud and that their trusted employees including family members would never steal from the business. Sadly, family businesses are not exempt from fraud and to think that your company is safe from this type of activity can put your business at significant risk for embezzlement and other acts of asset theft. The most common misconceptions related to family business fraud are: [Read more…]

The Importance of Selecting the Right Forensic Accountant

One of the most important decisions an attorney involved in a complex litigation will have to make is the selection of a forensic accountant as a consultant or as an expert witness. The specialized training and expertise of a forensic accountant can make a significant impact in the successful outcome of a case. [Read more…]

ACFE 2016 Global Fraud Study – Fraud In Small Business

Anti-fraud professionals, business managers, government and regulatory agencies, and the media each have a vested interest in assessing the total amount of money lost to fraud each year. While many studies have attempted to determine the extent of fraud’s financial impact, the challenges in arriving at the true total cost of fraud are numerous. [Read more…]

What Is the Difference in All the Various Valuator Credentials?

Okay, you’ve seen the professional designations such as CPA, CVA, AVA, ABV, ASA, CBA, CFFA and so on. But WHAT ARE ALL OF THESE DESIGNATIONS? Isn’t just a regular CPA all one needs in a matter of valuation or forensic accounting? [Read more…]

Hiring a Forensic Accountant During Your Divorce

The dreadful “D Word.”

Divorce is never easy, but in today’s world, it is all too common, becoming an industry within itself. While the pain and heartache that attach themselves to a separation can be difficult to navigate through, complicated finances usually comprise a large bulk of the dispute. [Read more…]

Why You Should Hire A Forensic Accountant

To many, the term “forensic” might elicit images of high-profile government work, cases that seem relegated to the kinds of investigations we see on primetime television. But acquiring a forensic accountant for the daily operations of small to mid-sized businesses is a much greater necessity than noted at first glance. So why should you hire a forensic accountant in Middle Tennessee? [Read more…]

Forensic Considerations In Divorce

When representations made by an opposing spouse appear questionable, a CPA/CVA/CFE may be engaged to test the financial representations by performing forensic procedures. For example, a family incurs annual living expenses of $90,000 and the earner spouse claims to make only $40,000 per year. [Read more…]

Commercial Damages-Lost Profits

The calculation of damages in commercial litigation is generally based on lost profits. The purpose of a lost profits calculation is to place the damaged party in the same financial position or condition it would have been but for the other party’s wrongful action to the extent allowed by law. [Read more…]

Will a Daubert Challenge Derail Your Expert?

As an experienced provider of litigation support services, I am aware of the unique challenges
financial experts face. When a “financial expert” provides written or oral testimony to a trier of
fact, the following considerations are crucial: [Read more…]