Why You Should Hire A Forensic Accountant

To many, the term “forensic” might elicit images of high-profile government work, cases that seem relegated to the kinds of investigations we see on primetime television. But acquiring a forensic accountant for the daily operations of small to mid-sized businesses is a much greater necessity than noted at first glance. So why should you hire a forensic accountant in Middle Tennessee? [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between an Expert Consultant and Expert Witness?

As an expert consultant, the CPA/CVA/CFE is engaged to develop information that will be used by the attorney in a variety of ways, including settlement negotiations with the opposing side. In these instances, the CPA/CVA/CFE is usually not expected to testify or to develop an opinion that will be entered in to the court records. [Read more…]

Forensic Considerations In Divorce

When representations made by an opposing spouse appear questionable, a CPA/CVA/CFE may be engaged to test the financial representations by performing forensic procedures. For example, a family incurs annual living expenses of $90,000 and the earner spouse claims to make only $40,000 per year. [Read more…]