Does the Purpose of the Valuation Impact the Valuation?

The purpose of a valuation will ultimately dictate, the standard of value to be used, the audience the valuation will be used by, the type of report or means of communicating the result, as well as in some cases [Read more…]

Baby Boomer Business Owners Need Valuation Help, Now More than Ever!

The baby boomer age bracket was a generation of entrepreneurs. More businesses were founded and grown by this group born from 1946-1964 than ever before. It has been estimated that between now and 2025 almost $10-trillion dollars will change hands as baby boomers pass their businesses on to the next generation. [Read more…]

How Can One Business Have More Than One Value?

Many business owners (and others) are surprised to discover that a business can have more than one value! Value is defined differently in different legal contexts. It is not uncommon for the value of a business under one definition of value to be considerably more than it is [Read more…]

Should the Tax on Appreciated Property in the Corporation Be Considered in a Valuation?

Historically the IRS refused to allow any adjustment for “trapped-in taxes” on appreciated property in a closely held corporation. This position has changed based on recent court decisions. [Read more…]

Should Subsequent Events Be Considered in the Valuation?

Valuations are typically to be prepared based upon those facts that were known, knowable and foreseeable as of the date of valuation. However, there are numerous court cases that have considered subsequent or unforeseeable events. [Read more…]

How and Why to Get a Regular Business Valuation

Making it a point to get a regular, objective, and comprehensive valuation for your business is one of the most overlooked tasks of owning a business. Many business owners assume that they only need a valuation if they are planning on selling or retiring in the near future. But the reality is that the time for a business valuation is long before you actually need it, and knowing exactly what your business and assets are worth on a regular basis is one of the most helpful and important things you can do for your financial future. [Read more…]

Does Standard of Value Matter?

The standard of value sets the perspective of the buyer, of the seller, of the marketplace, and the specific property being valued. Without the proper understanding and application of the standard of value, the valuation [Read more…]

What Is Valuation Enhancement And Why Do My Clients Need It?

The stock market bubble burst sent many retirees to work at places such as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Their investments all relied upon investments that were controlled by others. But think about this: Your business clients have an opportunity to have control of their own financial futures-if they know what to do and how to do it. [Read more…]

Implementing Business Value Drivers to Sell Your Business at a Premium Price

When the time comes to sell your business, whether or not it sells at a premium price and makes you a profit largely depends on your commitment to cultivating business value drivers during your time as an owner. [Read more…]

What Are Seller’s Discretionary Earnings?

Accountants and lawyers often think of earnings in terms of “net profit” or “net after-tax income.” But, for closely held businesses, do those measurements tell the whole story? [Read more…]