Hiring a Forensic Accountant During Your Divorce

The dreadful “D Word.”

Divorce is never easy, but in today’s world, it is all too common, becoming an industry within itself. While the pain and heartache that attach themselves to a separation can be difficult to navigate through, complicated finances usually comprise a large bulk of the dispute. [Read more…]

Are Rules of Thumb Appropriate Valuation Methods for Litigation Matters?

Rules of thumb exist for several types of businesses. They were developed by business brokers over time, based upon actual sales transactions involving businesses in a particular industry. While a rule of thumb can provide buyers and sellers of businesses with an [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between an Expert Consultant and Expert Witness?

As an expert consultant, the CPA/CVA/CFE is engaged to develop information that will be used by the attorney in a variety of ways, including settlement negotiations with the opposing side. In these instances, the CPA/CVA/CFE is usually not expected to testify or to develop an opinion that will be entered in to the court records. [Read more…]

Forensic Considerations In Divorce

When representations made by an opposing spouse appear questionable, a CPA/CVA/CFE may be engaged to test the financial representations by performing forensic procedures. For example, a family incurs annual living expenses of $90,000 and the earner spouse claims to make only $40,000 per year. [Read more…]

Improving Financial Discovery Can Lead To Improved Financial Outcomes

Complete financial information provided to a financial expert can lead to more credible work product produced by the expert. Unfortunately, many attorneys bring the CPA/CVA into the picture too late in the case! [Read more…]

The Attorney/Valuator Partnership in Divorce Cases

Equitable distribution in divorce causes the need for emphasis to be placed upon the economic aspects of marriage. This includes the valuation and division of marital property, as well as any resulting tax consequences. This economic emphasis in divorce proceedings [Read more…]

Characteristics of The Valuable Expert Witness

It has become common in business disputes and complex commercial litigation to hire expert witnesses to assist the attorney in preparing for deposition and trial. Attorneys will look for expert witnesses who possess all the following characteristics: [Read more…]

Commercial Damages-Lost Profits

The calculation of damages in commercial litigation is generally based on lost profits. The purpose of a lost profits calculation is to place the damaged party in the same financial position or condition it would have been but for the other party’s wrongful action to the extent allowed by law. [Read more…]

Will a Daubert Challenge Derail Your Expert?

As an experienced provider of litigation support services, I am aware of the unique challenges
financial experts face. When a “financial expert” provides written or oral testimony to a trier of
fact, the following considerations are crucial: [Read more…]